I’m buying a KickPed

I’ve been looking at getting a kickped for quite some time. I live about 1 1/2 miles away from the train and every day I drive my car and park in a parking garage. I pay $30 a month to park in the garage.  I’ve been looking for an easier way to do the commute. I thought about riding my bike but I don’t really want to have to lock it up every day. All the bikes that people leave the train are usually beater bikes. In the morning I don’t have very much time and that is why scooters appeal to me.  With a scooter I can just pull right up to the train and fold it up.  It looks like a fun way to get to work.  Also when I get to the city all I have to do is exit the train station, unfold the scooter, and I can get to work a lot faster than I would walking.

One other thing I will do with the scooter is go for rides with my son.  He really likes the scooter he has and prefers to go on that more than his bike.

You can buy a Kickped at NyceWheels.

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